Park Fitness

Train Smarter.
REcover faster. Live Better.

Park Fitness is your on-site, at-work fitness facility operated and managed by Kinema Fitness to help you stay active and healthy. This newly designed fitness center features top-of-the-line cardio and resistance training equipment in a spacious layout with views of the beautiful courtyard, a fully-equipped group fitness studio, and luxurious locker rooms to provide tenants and neighbors with the ability to work out before, during, or after their work day.

Kinema Fitness offers elite personal training services and dynamic group exercise classes, as well as workplace wellness programs and corporate challenges designed to help our members achieve their health, fitness, and wellness goals in a supportive environment. Our experienced fitness professionals can help to motivate, educate, and encourage you to embrace and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

Amenities Include:

YOUR FITNESS & wellness journey begins AT PARK FITNESS

Affordable Rates


Make exercise and wellness a part of your daily routine!
Park Fitness offers affordable monthly gym memberships for the tenants of the 200, 250, 420 (CNL II), & 450 (CNL) South Orange Avenue buildings in the heart of downtown Orlando, Florida. Memberships are also available to the public ("non-tenants").

Membership TypeMonthly Rate
Tenant $30
Non-Tenant $50
*NOTE: Monthly rates do not include 6.5% sales tax fee.

Membership BENEFITS

Personal Training

Kinema Fitness offers a variety of K360 Personal Training packages at various price points to help you achieve your fitness goals while accommodating your budget.

All members receive one complimentary fitness consultation and introductory session to establish baseline metrics, provide fitness and nutrition guidance, and deliver a sample workout based on individual goals and needs. Sign up today!

per session rates

Session TypeSingle Session6 Sessions12 Sessions
60-Minute Private $60 $55 $50
45-Minute Private $52 $47.50 $42.50
30-Minute Private $45 $40 $35
60-Minute Semi-Private (2 Participant) $90 $80 $70

feel, move, perform, & live better WITH K360 PERSONAL TRAINING

At Kinema Fitness, we believe fitness involves both the body and mind. That's why our certified personal trainers are educated to train in a range of fitness modalities and specialties including weight loss, resistance, core strength, injury rehabilitation, and functional training. Each K360 training session will incorporate a comprehensive fitness program, custom-designed to help you train smarter and recover faster for optimal results. Our complimentary sessions include a consultation discussing personal health history and goals, a collection of body metrics, posture and movement assessments, as well as a sample workout to provide flexibility, resistance and cardiorespiratory training recommendations based on individual needs and goals.


Jillian Gress


meet Jillian —
park fitness' GEneral manager, Yoga Master &
group fitness instructor

Jillian Gress is a fitness enthusiast with a passion for body awareness and the interrelated connection between the physical body and the mind. Jill believes Health comes from within and enhances the outer.

As a Wellness and Fitness trainer, her main priority is offering a variety of exercise modals to ensure fitness activity for all levels. By including balance, core, cardiorespiratory training, flexibility, plyometric, and strength into her programs, it invites not only your physical body to the workout but your brain, too. Integrating her yoga background into her fitness coaching leads to a cognitive challenge within the workout. This allows clients to tap into their own strengths and weakness and adapt as needed.  Her mission is to keep you engaged mentally as well as learn what's best for YOUR body with guidance from health professionals. Jill uses an open communication and discipline-based approach, to effectively guide groups and clients to achieve their desired goals. Her application offers transparency, and self guided learning with roots stemming from Holistic living. She believes everyone should have the opportunity to move freely within their bodies. 

She encourages those around her to start looking at their body as “one whole” instead of separate body parts joined together by bones and ligaments. Jill emphasizes the close relationships between your emotional body, nutrition, and daily movement.



park fitness' YOGA instructor

Carolynn is a 200 hr. Certified Yoga, Meditation, Spin and Rowing instructor specializing in Vinyasa Flow, Power Yoga and Yin/Restorative. She believes in yoga as a reconnection with ourselves; a catalyst for deeper connections with one another. Carolynn’s yoga classes are accessible to all levels. Mind, Body, and Breath…you have all the tools needed to be a “yes” to your mat today.